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With the assassination of JFK in Dallas in November of 1963 and the fall of Cuba to Communism, America entered a new chapter in its history. It was also a time when the American Mob entered a new chapter. It was a Mob no longer defined by the once unyielding code of 'omerta' - the Sicilian code of silence. A Mob no longer led by the colorful characters that saw it rise from the Roaring Twenties, through the Depression to the Cold War.

The American Mob began at the turn of the 20th Century as immigrants from Europe began pouring into cities along the East Coast, particularly New York City. Poor and isolated, these immigrant Jews, Irish and Italians banded together to develop their own version of the American Dream. A unique form of business called organized crime.

Through newspapers and film, the leaders of organized crime became household names, often lionized in the mold of true American heroes, the rugged frontier individualists of the past. These names included Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky.

This series, Hollywood vs. The Mob - Fact vs. Fiction, will reveal the truth behind the myth of the American Mob and its godfathers.


1. The Mafia Comes to America - Little Caesar
2. The Irish Gangs - The Public Enemy
3. Al Capone's Chicago Mob - Scarface
4. The Law Gang: AKA the F.B.I. - G-Men
5. Lucky Luciano's New York Mafia - Marked Woman
6. The Rackets - Loan Shark
7. The Black Mafia - The Black Godfather
8. The Jewish Mafia - The Purple Gang
9. The Godfathers - Honor Thy Father


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