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It’s the day of the first hockey game and Kareema is about to take a big step into the locker room and into the world of hockey. Overwhelmed and unsure of what’s ahead, Kareema enters the changeroom and meets her new teammates — a group of young players who are also wondering if they will fit in with the team and find their place in the game. When their coach arrives with a bag full of brand new uniforms and hands each player their jersey, Kareema and her teammates will discover something special while they get dressed for the game. As they take to the ice in their new uniforms, ready to play for the first time, Kareema will realize something unique about the game of hockey as her biggest fans cheer on. Written by Jael Richardson and Illustrated by Chelsea Charles, The Hockey Jersey is part of Scotiabank’s hockey for all initiative and the mission to make hockey more diverse, inclusive, and accessible for all Canadians. All net proceeds from book sales will be donated to Hockey 4 Youth, a foundation that fosters social inclusion for newcomer and high-priority youth through free on and off-ice life skills programs.

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